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  3. Securities Business
    Products and Services

    Security Brokerage

    Investment Banking

    Asset Management

    Fixed Income

    Bond Financing

    Margin Trading and Securities Lending

    Research and Consultancy

    Futures IB

    Service Providers

    Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd.

    Brokerage Offices of Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd.

    Dongxing Securities Investment Co., Ltd.

    Dongxing Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd...

    COAMC Group Members
    Margin Trading and Securities Lending
    The margin trading and securities lending business was approved by CSRC on 16th May, 2012. Based on the sales service system of the retail business and the stock customers, the company screen and classify its customers to build a potential customer pool for margin trading and securities lending business. The company uses its business departments as front offices, and establishes the business model in which executive departments like the margin trading and securities lending business department implement unified management. In the way, it can ensure that its business is developed on the premise of measurability, controllability and affordability and expand the profitable channel of the company.