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  3. Bank
    Company Business

    Deposit and loan of company client

    Bill business

    Investment bank

    International settlement

    Trade financing

    Cash management

    Small and micro finance

    Retail Business

    Savings Deposit

    Bank Card

    Personal Consumption and Business Loans

    Private Bank

    Wealth Management

    Electronic Banking

    Financial Market Business

    Interbank Deposit and Lending

    Bond Investment

    Bond Repurchase

    Market Overt

    Treasury Cash

    Bill Transfer Discount and Rediscount

    Non-standard Investment

    Financial Information Management

    Service Organization

    Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

    Branches of Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

    COAMC Group Members
    Bond Repurchase

    Bond repurchase includes pledge and outright. Pledge-style repurchase is a short term financing business with bonds as the pledge of rights between the two parties. It refers to the financing behavior when the fund borrower (repurchase party) pledges bonds to the fund provider (reverse repurchase party) for financial integration, the two parties agree that the repurchase party returns the funds to the reverse repurchase party at the amount calculated by the agreed repo rate and the reverse repurchase party relieves the bond pledge someday in the future. The outright repo refers to the transaction when the bondholders (repurchase party) sell the bonds to bond buyers (reverse repurchase party), the two parties agree that the repurchase party buys back the same bonds of the same quantity at an agreed price someday in the future.

    Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

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