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  3. International Business
    Investment Business

    Investment Business of Dong Yin Holdings

    Investment Business of COAMC International

    Asset Management

    Asset Management of Dong Yin Holdings

    Asset Management of COAMC International

    Service Providers

    Dong Yin Development (Holding) Limited

    Dong Yin Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

    China Orient Asset Management (International) H...

    China Orient International Asset Management Co....

    China Orient International Capital Limited

    China Orient Asset Management Corporation (China)

    Shenzhen Orient Investment Co., Ltd.

    COAMC Group Members
    Asset Management of Dong Yin Holdings

    Relying on the long-term good relationship with financial institutions like commercial banks, securities companies, insurance companies and trust companies, and the established business channels, Dong Yin Holdings provides the investment and financing plans of domestic and foreign investors with all-round financial services like fund-raising, project screening, risk management and post-investment management. Backed by COAMC, and relying on the extensive financial network and deep background, companies of Dong Yin Holdings provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality and safe wealth management and appreciation services and offer business channel service to various financing plans.