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          In November 2013 Vice President Hu Xiaogang Attended the Correspondents’ Video Conference

          On November 1, 2013, COAMC organized the Correspondents’ Video Conference to brief the correspondents on COAMC’s regulations on dynamic information. Li Zhen, General Manager of the Executive Office hosted the conference, Vice President Hu Xiaogang delivered important instructions on submitting dynamic information of COAMC Group, Associate Editor-in-Chief Rao Wenjing gave a training on how to conduct interviews and write press releases, and Lu Yiliang, Assistant Manager introduced and analyzed COAMC’s regulations on dynamic information.

          Vice President Hu talked about the background and necessity of establishing a set of regulations on dynamic information and pointed out that dynamic information regulations is an important decision of the company and that correspondents from all departments, branches and holding companies should realize the significance of dynamic information regulations while writing and submitting press releases.

          Correspondents from provincial branches, Yunnan business department, holding companies, subsidiaries attended the conference at the headquarters or through video conferencing at their local offices.