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          China Orient Holds 2020 Warning Education Conference and First ‘Clean China Orient Day’ Event

          In order to further implement the deployment requirements of 'facilitating the building of a clean finance culture, restoring the political ecology of financial system' proposed by the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team in the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC), and to establish a brand of 'Clean China Orient' brand with the characteristics of China Orient, China Orient held the 2020 Warning Education Conference and the first 'Clean China Orient Day' event on June 24, 2020.

          Comrade Wu Yue, Secretary of the Corporation Committee of CPC & Chairman of China Orient, announced the launching of the 'Clean China Orient Day' and delivered a keynote speech titled Make a Long Wakeup Call of Anti-corruption, Establish a Permanent Integrity Culture: Blending Loyalty, Cleanness and Accountability into the Soul of China Orient. Wu analyzed the severe situation faced by the Company in improving Party conduct and upholding integrity, and illustrated the importance of strengthening the building of a clean culture. He also requested all Party members and cadres to resolutely abandon the mind as onlookers and the mentality of 'watching a play' and to earnestly do the following work: first, understand the current situation, believe in the organization, make a wakeup call of anti-corruption always heard in China Orient; second, put what is learned to practice and make the integrity culture deeply rooted in China Orient; third, consolidate foundations, fulfill responsibilities loyally and make cleanness and accountability increasingly prominent in China Orient. 

          Comrade Gao Yuze, Deputy Secretary of the Corporation Committee of CPC & Chief Supervisor of China Orient, announced the typical cases that were recently investigated and treated by the Company and violated the eight-point guidelines issued by the CPC leadership. All participants attending the meeting also watched part of Penetration, a 2019 anti-corruption warning record made by the CBIRC.

          Comrade Qiu Baolin, Member of the Corporation Committee & Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of China Orient, presided over the launching ceremony. The members of the Corporation Committee of CPC of China Orient who stayed at home attended the meeting and the Assistant Presidents were present at the meeting on site. Department heads of the headquarters, leading group members of branches and controlling companies, and all cadres of the Discipline Inspection Committee at China Orient, totaling nearly 300 members, participated in the meeting through video conferencing. 

          In the afternoon that day, China Orient organized its branches and subsidiaries in carrying out the integrity culture achievement exhibition activity through live video streaming to light the 'clean China Orient' culture brand, and create a strong atmosphere of advocating integrity in the entire company.